Monday, 26 August 2013

Something That You Never Want to Do in Your Life


Have you ever thought that you have to do something that you never want to do in your life? Try to think deeply, what are you doing now? Is it your decision to do that kind of things or you need to do because you have no choice to do something better than that? What I'm trying to say is how do you feel when there is someone is trying to arrange everything in your life. Is it annoying..right?

As an individual, I'm sure that you wanna do a lot of things in your life without any objections by people who never want you to live happily. What do they want actually? Why there are some people are feeling very happy when someone is in difficult situation? The right answer is you can't make everyone like you because you never like everyone in your life.

What do you feel when you do something very hard and you have put a lot efforts to make it works, but there is someone is always saying that.. it is not is not do something wrong..why are you doing can not do this kind of things because of bla bla bla bla...and many more that make you feel down.

Why this kind of people are living in this planet? I think that they better move into the jungle and they can talk everything they wanna talk, but they can only talking to the trees..haha..I'm just kidding, nobody is talking with the trees right? So, what you need to do when you have such friends or relatives, you just need to ignore them and do whatever you wanna do and let them leave you if you really think that they were very annoying. That's all.


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