Friday, 2 August 2013

How to Forget Someone That We Love So Much?

                        Love is a beautiful..everyone in this world have thier own lovestory..some people have the memorable moment with thier love one and some other people have sad story that make them broken heart throughout thier life time..but, as a human  we should facing the reality and the life must go on..there are some tips to forget someone that we love so much when we realised that the love was gone..

1)Dispose or delete all the things that related to her/him.

All the things that reminds you to them should be remove. All the messages, the gifts, the photos, the social network addresses such as Facebook, Tweeter, and all the Apps on your smartphone as well as their contact numbers. I know that sometimes we can't do something that people think it is simple but you should try if you really want to forget about them. It takes a long time to heal your frustrated and to manage your emotion very well. When you seldomly look at their belongings for sure the percentage to forget them is high.You have to keep your distance away from them while you are trying to forget the memories between you and them.Keep trying and keep hard working on that.All the best!!!


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