Sunday, 14 May 2017

5 Types of Investment in Malaysia

The term of investment is totally new for me and a lot of technical terms did not covered by me yet. For this moment I rather be a listener and spend my time to read more articles about investment from the trusted website, blogs, and other trusted sources. 

Besides that, I am willing to learn for this particular topic by asking the experts for example the stokes traders that have a lot of experiences in trading industries and their involvement in investment industry may take 5 years and above so that I can rely on the informations that they shared to me. For me an ivestment is not a simple things so I have to find a lot of informations before I can share it to public.

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But before that I would like to ask you guys have you read the article of Sambutan Hari Peladang, Penternak, dan Nelayan Kebangsaan (HPPNK 2017)? For those who have read this article I wish thank you very much but for those who have not read it yet I would suggest you to read this article and save the date in your calender because it is a very good event that allow all Malaysian to try out a lot of foods that have a variety tastes of Malaysian foods and international foods as well as we can learn about the process of making and serving that delicious dishes at that event.

Back to this investment topis, for those who didn't know about the fact of an investment, it is actually a way to be rich or to accumulate our wealth so that it can be a legacy for our next of kin or our next generations.

There are a lot of investments that supported by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) that offered by normal banking institutions as well as Investment Bank which the fuction as a broker for investors or stokes traders.

Why we should be an investor rather than be a saver in a normal banks?

The first reason is we can only get 4% of dividen or profit if we make our saving in normal banks for example Malayan Banking (Maybank), Hong Leong Bank, Public Bank, Bank Islam, and so on but we actually have the potential to increase 6% or more of our pasive income, dividen, profit, and any other terms that used refered to capital gain if we buy any  kind of investment instrument at an Investment Bank or invest in other types of investment in order to grow our money and then lets our money work hard for us to create a lifetime passive income.

There are 5 types of investment that I want to highligh here so that you guys can explore about them by yourself because I still in learning process and may be I will discuss of these things further in the next articles soon.

  1. Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB)
  2. Unit Trust Investment
  3. Stokes Market
  4. Properties Investment
  5. Gold Investment

Thank you for visiting my blog and read this article of 5 Types of Investment in Malaysia. Hopefully this article can be a clear picture for those who are seeking the proper and legal way to accumulate wealth as well to be rich like Syed Mokhtar alBukhary, Warren Buffet, Robert T. Kiyosaki, and so on.


  1. ASB paling ramai dan terbukti membuahkan hasil

    1. Banyak lagi yang terbukti. Tabung Haji, unit trust, dan sebagainya

  2. asb tu ramai orang sertaikan

    1. Betul. Bumiputera paling ramai melabur di ASB

  3. Killa suka buat investment di ASB dan Tabung Haji.. susah nak keluarkan duit ke tempat lain yang belum terbiasa.. Sekarang slow2 nak belajar buat Gold investment..