Friday, 13 October 2017

Could 400 times sit-up exercise flatten my tummy?

Today I got a chance to make more than 400 times sit-up or abs workouts plus 1 round jogging about 1km of jogging track in front of my house. The question is 'could 400 times sit-up exercise flatten my tummy?' 😅

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I love to focus on yoga, abs, and simple cardio workouts like jogging and squads. Yoga can enhance my focus because when doing any position for example fish pose I have to curle my backbone and keep my head be a support and at the same time I have to take a deep breathes so that I can sustained the position a bit longer. 

Abs workouts can trim excess fat on our tummy so that it can be flatten and our body shape looks beautiful while cardiovascular exercises such as jogging and squads can strengthen our heart, strenghten our lower body parts, and shape our butt so that our blood will flow smoothly inside the blood vein and keep our body fit as well if we consistently doing so.

This 400 times sit-up exercise might flatten my tummy and your tummy as well with one condition that is this abs workouts must be doing continuously in our daily basis. 

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  1. I always wonder if more repetition can make one lose their belly fat..

    Of course, more repetition=more calories burnt.

    But if it was done only for one or few days only, there will be no six pack being made.

    It is hard to do 400 sit up every single day for beginner. As for me, it is better to do small repetition but consistently doing it for longer period of time. (daily basis)

    1. Yes. You are right. 400 times is too much actually for beginner.

      But I am practising this workout since I was 9 years old. 400-500 times daily is normal to me.

      And I am agree with you, small repetition and consistent are better for a long term duration might be possible to burn a lot of calories!