Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Apartment Prices in Kuala Lumpur vs. Shanghai

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Today is my lazy day, perhaps. So, I decided to stay at home and just make my reading on a notes given to me on last Tuesday at an investment seminar that I attend at Puchong Financial Corporate Centre (PFCC) which is contains the information of apartment prices in Kuala Lumpur versus Shanghai on 2017.

Puchong Financial Corporate Centre (PFCC)
Puchong Financial Corporate Centre (PFCC)

The topics are quite big and more on technical knowledge that make me couldn't digest some of it. The title is Understanding New Driver of China's Economy and Understanding the Catalysts of China's Market.

I will not touch all of them as I mentioned at the beginning of my post that I am sooooo lazy today and I will not doing a bigger task today, unless I change my mind keep changing according to the lesson learn from any motivational materials or videos I am watching on my daily basis. 

Normally I love to hear a short videos about 5-10 minutes on Youtube so that I will keep myself motivated while doing some abs exercises even I realised it is not working on my tummy at all! Hahahaha...

The apartment prices in Kuala Lumpur vs Shanghai today create my interest to write this post because it makes me stop thinking the burden of living cost in Malaysia but just work harder and smarter, and the same time develop a better financial planning to increase my income and my retirement fund rather than keep complaning and blaming other people due to living cost increase day after day for example fuel price. 

Individually we can't control the comodities prices because it is not under our jurisdiction. What we can do normally are do extra work and allocate our money in any investment instrument that will boost or grow our money.

Alright. Back to apartment prices in Kuala Lumpur vs Shanghai. Price per square foot to buy apartment in city centre of Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai are RM1,009.84 and RM5,553.82 respectively. Besides that, price per square foot to buy apartment outside city centre of Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai are RM571.07 and RM2,509.59 respectively.

In China, they have a Property Tightening Policies that been announced where they increase the minimum down-payment ratio in Beijing and they introduce or enhance home purchase restrictions (HPR) in Shenzhen.

If in Malaysia only 10% down-payment have to pay to buy a house, but in Beijing the government increase the down-payment from 20% to 35%-40% for buying their first-home while for second-home they increase the down-payment from 30% up to 70%-80%.

At the same time, residents in Shenzhen China have limits of buying house due to home purchase restrictions (HPR) policy which is they can buy only 2 units of local houses and 1 unit of non-local house. Can you guess how many unit of house can we buy in our country? Any limit that restrict us? I don't think we have such policy!

So, do you think we are luckier than the people who are living in Shanghai? The answer might be yes or no, but FYI our price of apartment is actually 5 times cheaper than the price of apartment in Shanghai. 

How they can have more money than us? Is it because of they living in developed country? The answer might be similar to the question of how rich people afford to buy a nice, expensive, and luxury things while the poor people couldn't? I have no answer for these questions but hard work, persistence, positive thinking, and if we follow the successful tracks it may can help us to achieve our dreams.

That's all for the post of this apartment prices in Kuala Lumpur vs Shanghai. Thanks for reading.

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