Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Women Accessories for Eid Celebration

As a normal woman I also love to spent my leisure time for window shopping. For the past few days I am struggling to choose whatever fashion of cloth I like as long as it is nice to see because I want to redeem my RM100 shopping coupon from Zalora and to make my Eid preparation as well. To avoid me from wasting too much time so finally I decided to choose kurung modern in red color to wear for this upcoming Eid Celebration. You can see that very beautiful red color kurung modern HERE.

Today let me bring you to the Women Accessories online shop so that you can have some ideas to mix and match your selected accessories with your clothes for this Eid celebration. So, have a look...

To be honest, the design of these jewelleries actually based on my taste. I love something that looks unique and eye catching which can attract people to see it. It doesn't mean I purposely want people to look at me. No! It is not the point. I meant I love to have something different than others. That's will make you look special on this upcoming Eid Celebration. Trust me. So, you should get a few of them HERE.


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    1. Orang perempuan gitu la..tak boleh tengok benda-benda gini..:)

  2. kadang guna kadang tak..hahaa

  3. hai...selamat bersegmen..balas kunjungan... :)

    1. Hai yaya..terima kasih sudi singgah sini..:)